Ball Up Streetball Signs with Fox

Ball Up Streetball Logo

Ball Up Streetball Logo

Streetball is back. Ball Up CEO Demetrius Spencer today announced a distribution deal with Fox Sports Network (FSN) to launch the new “Ball Up Streetball Tour” franchise in the fall of 2010. FSN will broadcast 10 one-hour episodes in which the Ball Up streetball basketball team travels the globe.

The streetball series will culminate in an international All-Star Ball Up Game.

Ball Up features the one-of-kind excitement of the world’s best streetball basketball icons playing a wide-open style of basketball characterized by acrobatic dunking, passing, and a technique of play that highlights the free-style athleticism of unique basketball performers.

Ball Up Streetball

Ball Up Streetball

Since streetballers have begun touring, their performances have filled arenas throughout the world.

The Ball Up Streetball Team includes many of the best-known streetball players worldwide, such as The Professor, Air Up There aka MR.720 (Sprite Slam Dunk Contest Winner), AO, Escalade, Bone Collector (Rucker Park Multi-year MVP), Special FX, Sik Wit It, Spinmaster, and more to come.

The Ball Up players are NBA competitive, some of whom have already played with Division I colleges and/or the NBA, while others are on their way to team trials.

“Ball Up combines the authenticity of streetball, the family event excitement of the Harlem Globetrotters, and the outstanding athleticism of the NBA,” said Ball Up CEO Spencer. “We are thrilled to partner with Fox Sports Network to create a new basketball legacy with this franchise.”

“Ball Up is non-stop entertainment for our avid sports viewers. They average 40+ dunks a game, with one jaw-dropping move after another. It’s great fun,” said FSN VP of Programming David Sussin. “Our focus will be on the game itself, and we are excited to give the viewers a front row seat.”

The tour will hit multiple U.S. and international cities for Ball Up Streetball Game Days. In each city, the Ball Up Superstars will display an exciting array of dunks, ball handling, and basketball skills as they take on the top streetballers from each city. A guest NBA player will serve as the coach of the opposing team for each game. The games will also include live DJs spinning to match the tempo and excitement of the competition while MCs call the action.

Tour and series sponsors will benefit from event promotions (signage, merchandising) as well as a strong Internet and television advertising footprint. Sponsors will also benefit from FSN’s 85+ million home distribution with owned and affiliated regional sports networks combined.

“Ball Up is about entertainment, competition, community, family and just overall love of the game,” said Spencer. “Streetball has always brought audiences together, and, with our partners, we will make Ball Up a spectacle that will move TV audiences.”


Ball Up, LLC is a Los Angeles-based sports and lifestyle company committed to delivering high-quality, high-impact, sporting experiences. Ball Up is a multi-disciplined, multi-level outfit with a diverse range of company offerings. At the center of the company is the actual streetball basketball team and tour featuring the finest, most skilled, and best-known streetball players worldwide. What truly sets Ball Up apart from other streetball organizations is its emphasis on community. At its core, Ball Up is about giving back to the community. A portion of the proceeds generated on the tour will be reinvested into community programs, along with specific Ball Up Charitable initiatives.

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