Stanford vs Kentucky 1998 Final Four

Ryan Mendez

Ryan Mendez

Remember the 1998 Final Four?  Here’s a look back at the 1998 NCAA Final Four semi-final between Kentucky and Stanford.  The score is 79-78 with 1:31 on the clock in overtime.  Kentucky is up by one point on Stanford at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, Tx.  I’m number 32 for Stanford and guarding Heshimu Evans from Kentucky.  The game was awesome.  So many guys stepped up on both sides. There were roughly 40,509 people in attendance at San Antonio Alamodome.

So what does this have to do with aka Streetball?  Everything.

I’ve been working on since I left the investment banking world a few years ago.  I’ve been on the grind for awhile now and “we ready.”

Streetball doesn’t give up, we can’t give up, because we compete no matter what.  We gain confidence through hard work and aren’t afraid to match up with anyone. I love technology and love basketball.

If any basketball marketing department wants to challenge me online or offline, just say the word. I’ll beat you hands down…guaranteed.

Streetball is the heart and soul of basketball…and I believe that message has been lost in the exploitation and caricaturization of the sport.

We can’t restore Streetball to its rightful place in sport without your help.  Streetball is Family and I welcome the opportunity to break bread with you.

Stanford vs Kentucky 1998 Final Four (on CBS:)

Stanford was down 4 points with :50 seconds left in overtime. The play we ran was called, “X” and I’m glad Coach knew who to go to.
1998 Final Four Stanford vs Kentucky only on Streetball.

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